Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rein On Me

Apparently it rained last night. There was water on the ground till about 9 am, and that’s it. Oh Southern California!




Outfit Details:

Dress: homemade

Jacket: OC Swap Meet

Tights: Sears

Rain Boots: Target

Glasses: Ray Bans from Ebay


Before you wonder, yes, these are prescription glasses. I bought the sunglasses on ebay and took them to Lens Crafters to have them converted to eye glasses. I really only wear them when I’m reading or driving at night. I see like looking out of a wet windshield. With all the lights spreading out and blurring. It only bothers me at night. But if I put them on for any reason I usually leave them on all day because it gives me a headache when I take them off.

I really like how these pictures turned out! This is the dress that I was having so much trouble with. I was at work and I could see in my mind how the side was supposed to fit on. So when I got home I got straight on it. And sure enough, I was right. It only took me two weeks! I still have a little adjusting to do. But I’m going to wash and dry it first so that it shrinks down. Our dryer was previously out of commission, but it should be right as rain now.

I also never wear this coat. The arms are super tight on me, so it makes moving around rather uncomfortable. But it’s just so great! I’ve had it probably three or four years, and worn it twice. One of those times being today. My outfit will end up changing throughout the day, as it usually does. It is now sunny and about 85 degrees out, so the long coat and rain boots are a bit unnecessary. I still like the pictures so much though. In fact, here’s some more!





Love!! Bryce

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