Sunday, May 16, 2010

Overcast in the OC





Outfit Details:

Top- Forever 21 dress worn as blouse

Cardigan- Target

Skirt- made by me

Tights- Target

Shoes- Toms

Headband- Thrifted scarf


All alone day #2. Still going ok. I miss Sean more and more though. I really don’t know how people have long distance relationships.

This is also handmade skirt #2. Which is actually the first one that I made from scratch. I wasn’t sure on how to attach the elastic band at the top. And next time I make one, I will have a much better time at it. I still love it though. And it is the most comfortable skirt that I own. I bought the fabric from a thrift store by my house. I believe that it is quilting fabric, but it makes a nice skirt because I don’t have to add a lining.

I have been seeing so many people in blogs wearing turbans lately. Ok it was only two. But it still got me wanting to put a giant bow on my head. I also am always inspired my friend and ex-coworker Dre Babinski. She’s the violinist in Dusty Rhodes and the River Band. In the last year or so, she always managed to have an amazing bow on her head during their live shows. It became her staple to the point of her fans wearing matching bows in the crowd.  It was always a great thing. And she always rocked the tom boy/ rocker/ little girl look to the max.

dre dre2

Well, that’s all for now. Off to go help my dad help me fix our dryer!


Love!! Bryce


Jorge Alexander said...

like ur outfit :)

Robyn said...

Oh, good luck with being apart. At least you have your sewing right now. I think I like that skirt more than the last (if that is possible.) Keep up the craftiness.