Thursday, May 20, 2010

I’ll be Forever 21




Outfit Details:

Tank top- Forever 21

Jeans- Forever 21

Belt- Forever 21

Tights- Sear’s

Glasses- Ray Bans


Not much of an outfit today. Sean and I went on a bike ride, ate Wahoo’s, then had band practice. We tried to record. But we don’t really have a drummer. So it goes slow.

Overall, very fun day.

Too bad this shirt is so tight. I don’t normally wear such form fitting clothes. For good reason. However, it was hot today. And a tank top was much in order.

This weekend we should have at least two songs worth of demos down. Hopefully that gets done! If so, the songs will be placed up on MySpace or something. We don’t actually have a MySpace yet, but if we got those done, then one will be made.

Tomorrow I will have a proper outfit post, and of course “Are you kidding me!?!”  Friday second addition.





Cheap, but amazing pedal!


Love!! Bryce

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