Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Greyson!

My first nephew was born today! Congratulations Challie and Amber! You’ll be great parents!






Outfit Details:

Top-  American Eagle Outfitters

Belts- Forever 21 and Modcloth

Jeans- Levis

Socks- Target

Shoes- Vans


Unfortunately, I do not get to see Greyson for a while, the curse of living far away. But I can’t wait! He’s going to be amazing! And I hope your ready Chal and Amber, cause I am going to be the most fun aunt ever!

While I was waiting on news of my new family member, Sean and I went to buy some new drum heads for Sean’s new/ used floor tom. It used to sound horrible, and now it’s actually a musical instrument. Yay for Memorial day sales! And last night I bought  a tuning pedal for super cheap. Yay for still selling older models of things!

On the other hand, my hopes for a Seychelles Memorial day sale have proved futile. Oh well, I guess I’m just going to have to wait and save up like everyone else on a budget. I have decided, after the Madewells finally becoming available online, that I don’t want them. Instead, I am going for the Seychelles “Twistin the Night Away”. Erin owns them over at Calivintage, and constantly inspires me with them. So I have come to a decision that I must have them. Sooner or later (probably later).

Also I have decided that I need to be slightly more creative with my photos. It’ll help me be less of a bum about them.

Long days and pleasant nights.

Love!! Bryce


P.S. Two belts! I’m going for it!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Are You Kidding Me!?!- Forever 21

I missed Friday. So this time, it is Are You Kidding Me!?! Sunday.

I hate, so much, how Forever 21 only gets one shipment of items in. There has been so many times where I catch on to a style too late, and they no longer have my size, and they are not going to get any more.

You are a very popular store, with very popular items. I don’t understand how it can be profitable for you to get so few of one item in. I guess that you can always go online and by the item you are looking for if they are out in the store. But if I wanted to do that, I would have done that in the first place. I suppose it is because they have so much flux in the merchandise in store. Which I can appreciate. It’s just frustrating.

This same sort of thing is often the case with stores like Target as well. It’s not unheard of, it’s just frustrating. I end up driving around like a madwoman trying to find the piece that I want.

I, however, should only blame myself. I am stubborn and impulsive. I want what I want, when I want it. I hate waiting. And I hate settling. So, for most people, the problem with Forever 21 is not a problem at all. Only with people like me is it a problem.

I will leave you with a video from Sean and I’s picnic today.

Long days and pleasant nights.

Love!! Bryce

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Andy Anaheim


IMG_2499-2 (2)


Outfit Details:

Shirt- from my first year of t-ball

Skirt- super old

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Socks- Target

Shoes- Minnetonkas

Necklace- Self made

Purse- thrifted, vintage Doony & Bourke


I love my backyard! There are just so many beautiful views.

I’ve had this shirt since I was four. It used to be huge on me! It’s strange to think that I was ever that small. It now ends right about where the skirt starts. Oh, how things change.

I have been ogling this necklace from Modcloth for a while now. However, being in the financial situation that I usually find myself in, I never got it. I found this pendant in a Etsy shop that I now have forgotten the name of (I know. Bad blogger!). I bought it for  $4 and got/ already had the rest of the supplies from Michael’s. It took all of five minutes. And I love it! So worth doing it myself. Not only do I have a great necklace for about $10, but I get to tell everybody that I made it myself.

The purse, I thrifted from “ ‘THE’ Thrift Store” in Fullerton. They have tons of great vintage purses and wallets and really, great everything. I need to make that place a regular stop. I also got a small black and brown D & B.


Long days and pleasant nights!

Love!! Bryce

Friday, May 28, 2010





Outfit Details:

T-shirt- American Apparel

Plaid Shirt- thrifted little boys button up

Jacket- Tulle

Belts- Gift from my brother, Forever 21, and Modcloth “How the West Was Cute”

Jeans- Levis

Socks- Target

Shoes- Punkrose


I have decided that I want to start rocking more than one belt at a time. Right now, I am wearing three. A pretty good start I’d say. Lets hope I can make this into my “thing”. That would be awesome.

I like the 90’s. I’m a 90’s kid. I was raised in the 90’s. But until recently, I never realized how much it effected my dress. I’ve been complemented multiple times for “bringing 90’s grunge back”. This was never something I was really aiming for, it just happened. And you know what? I don’t hate it.

I’m also obsessed with cowboys. This I have always been aware of. My family went to rodeos my whole life. I grew up idolizing the modern day cowboy. It only makes sense that my favorite books/ book series of all time would be about a cowboy (sort of), a gunslinger really, that lives in a different world as is trying to save all whens and wheres from destruction. It’s called The Dark Tower series, and if you haven’t heard of it. It’s by Stephen King. It is not a horror, it’s his literary baby. And the first four books are the best you’ll ever read in your life. If you can get into them.

This outfit is dedicated to two of my favorite things: Roland Deschain and Nirvana.


Long days and pleasant nights all.

Love!! Bryce

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Wish List

There are a few things this summer that make me wish I had an unlimited bank account. Since it is finally getting warm, I’m going to do a little window shopping, and set up my shopping/sewing goals for this summer.

First on the list. Light summer dresses. Specifically white and blue:



Modcloth H.M.S Pinafore………….Modcloth Miss Blue Sky

        13372-1 beautiful.7

MC Dorothy's Date Night Dress….. randomniss

 19671934 Ruche Dear Creatures Sailor Dress…Ruche Bring Your Best Bow


Next. Wedges, sandals, and comfy shoes:


Madewell…………………………..Modcloth Walk This Ray



Pink Studio Wedge…………….Restricted “Scrabble” Oxfords








      Modcloth All Aboard Heel…Jeffery Campbell oxfords


Finally, a few extras for good measure:



MC Delightfully Tacky… MC How Soon Is Owl Necklace








      The Cambridge Satchel Company… Nick & Mo Blazer


Of course, I always want more things. But if I had to be limited to 16 items (Ha!), these are most likely the ones I would pick. Now, don’t hold me to that, but I’m pretty sure!

Ok, well that’s enough day dreaming for today.

Long days and pleasant nights everybody!

Love!! Bryce

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Tornado





Outfit Details:

Sweater- Gift from a friend

Belt- Urban Outfitters

Skirt- Tulle

Tights- Target

Shoes- Target


Sooooo, I didn’t actually wear this outfit out. I did have the intention to! But it ended up being much warmer than I had planned for. But it was just too great to not photograph. For some reason it reminds me of Terminator, before Arnold shows up. I also enjoy that my pictures came out so ridiculous. That’s what happens when I take my own.

I would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone reading my blog. I really just do this for the fun of it. So it means a lot that others are enjoying it too.

Off to make lunch a lay in bed the rest of the day. Working at six kills me sometimes!

Long days and pleasant nights.

Love!! Bryce

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thanks Bad Penny!

Today I was featured on Bad Penny’s blog as followers she follows. First and foremost, Thank You so much Bad Penny!

Second. You should check out her blog if you don’t already. She’s awesome. And she makes me jealous that she is so fashionable and still in high school.

Third. Check out this post specifically(not because I’m in it), because other great bloggers are featured that you should all check out!

Thanks again!

Love!! Bryce

Beam Me Up Scotty




Outfit Details:

Shirt- Kellogg's Cereal Star Trek Tee

Belt- Urban Outfitters

Skirt- Stolen from a friend and altered to fit

Tights- Sear’s

Shoes- Melissa via Gilt Group


In the last week or so, I have been realizing that by starting this blog, I have forgotten who I really am. I’m not nearly as girly and put together as I make out. I do enjoy the outfits that I been showcasing. However, before a month ago, I wouldn’t have worn half  of them in public. I have been forcing my self to wear the things that I always wanted to, but never had the guts. I was the tomboy in school that got looks and comments every time she wore a skirt. It was so one off, that when I did, I felt uncomfortable. I always had a sweet spot for heels, but people made such a big deal about it when I did, that I never felt like putting up with the comments. Now that I am fully comfortable in them, I am having a hard time limiting myself. I need to find a happy medium between heels and moccasins. Flats and tennis shoes are not out of my wardrobe, but I don’t wear them as much as I did a month ago. A month ago I was comfortable in a party dress and converse. And I need to get back to that. I need to be myself once more. Part of this may be that I ran out of makeup a week ago, and it has sent me into a recession of feeling like I did when I didn’t wear it for a year. It felt good, liberating. Although I am back at it. I like make up. And that’s one part of the new me that is going to stick. That and along with a few other things. I will find that happy medium!

This shirt is one that was on the back of a cereal box for $10 and a proof of purchase. I have two of them. A gold (Captain) and a blue (medical). I like Star Trek, the original series. I have never seen the movies. Except the new one that is. I also like Star Wars. So sue me.


These are the new shoes I got in the mail on Friday. They are Melissa Vinyl II T-Strap Wedges. And I love them. In the picture they look big in the back. They aren’t. My foot just slides forward because of the peep toe.  They are super comfortable and form fit to my foot.

Till next time.

Love!! Bryce

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pancake Breakfast




Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Target

Shirt: Gap

Belt: Forever 21

Shorts: Levis jeans cut into shorts

Tights: Sear’s

Socks: Thrifted

Shoes: Vans


Today we: slept in, made homemade pumpkin pancakes, took outfit photos, and are currently in the studio working on songs. And all before 1:45 pm. Yay us! What a nice Saturday this is turning out to be.

I got some new shoes in the mail yesterday, and was planning on wearing them today. Unfortunately, the outfit I had planned in my mind, didn’t end up working as well as I had thought. So I ended up in this. Which was, I think, very appropriate for pancake making. I might end up in them later on. In a whole other outfit. But that’s a whole other blog post!

The pancakes were delicious, if I do say so myself. I would have made some for everybody if I could have.


Yes, we ate tater tots with them. I’ll take tots over hash browns most days of the week.

My Dad bought me this top last year from the Gap. I originally wore it tucked in to a pair of blue cotton shorts. Sean’s immediate reaction was, “What safari did you just get back from?”. Although I was a bit disheartened, his comment was fully justified and accurate. Needless to say, I have been very cautious when wearing this shirt in the present time. This, I think, is a bit better suited of an outfit.

Our computer finally booted up with the recording interface on it. So I must get going. Until next time….

Love!! Bryce

Friday, May 21, 2010

Harsh Times





Outfit Details:

Top- I have no idea, I’ve had it forever

red Top- Bathing suit as undershirt

Jeans- Urban Outfitters

Socks- Target

Shoes- Minnetonka

Headband- Claire’s

Belt- Forever 21


It’s been harsh times for a fashion blogger in the OC. I’ll tell ya! It’s overcast till 2 pm, which is when I go to work. Then hot the rest of the day. I have no idea how to dress. So it’s jeans and comfy tops. I could live in these jeans, I swear. And you’ll see me in them all year long. I’m not much of a shorts type of girl. Hey, I’ve got big hips, so sue me! I’m afraid this still isn’t much of an outfit post. Since there’s not much of anything worthwhile in it. Besides my jeans of course! I have to say though, that the best part about this top, is the hood.


It really is perfect for the days when you don’t know if it’s going to rain or not. (P.S. I told you I had big hips. But damn do I love ‘em)

Also, I’m aware that in some of these pictures, I look a bit stubby. It’s the wide angle lens. If I put it too low, and lean my head forward, which I did in a few of the pictures, then my head looks huge and it throws my proportions off. Those pictures up ended up being my favorites though. So you still got a few of them.

Hopefully the weather turns around soon, so I don’t have to give up my good name as a fashionable person! (Yea right)

I should be going. the bathing suit I’m using as my undershirt smells like chlorine. And it’s about time to eat and get ready for work.

Till next time!




Love!! Bryce

Edit: it is now sunny out. it's 12:04

Are you kidding me!?!- Angry Commenter

First and foremost.  I realize that I should have been more specific with last weeks “Are you kidding me!?!”. The Local Natives are on French Kiss Records, and Raymond Richards produced their debut Gorilla Manor. Which is the album I had in mind while writing that post.

Ok, so, we’ve all seen them. We’ve probably all even been their prey. I’m talking about, angry commenters. You know. The guy who on the YouTube video of the cat and dog fighting says, “That’s animal cruelty! Why don’t you stop them? You are a horrible pet owner!” When, anyone who owns animals, knows that they fight out of love. They are just playing. How have you never seen this? But that is besides the point. Even if you don’t know this simple fact, and you are going to go with your initial assumption that it is animal cruelty, then what are you doing clicking on the video named, “Cat Attacks Dog. Such Violence!”?

It’s also the people that feel the need to call the commentator before them some crude name. Which in turn causes some defender to then call that person an offensive name. And before you know it, the video of the 10 year old covering Paparazzi, is in a heated debate over whether or not Obama is a Nazi. 

I just don’t understand. What ever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Constructive criticism is an exception. But what these people are doing is not constructive criticism. I feel like it’s the same people over and over again. Or at least I hope it is. It’s people trolling the internet looking for things to rag on. I say hope, because if it’s not the same people over and over again, then our world is in a sad state. When a citizen can’t even put up a video of their child’s birthday party up for the family who couldn’t make it to log on and see without the fear of being heckled, then you know we are in the middle of a sad time.

I tend to not get caught up with comment threads when I see them  going askew, but I think I will start leaving a comment as simple as, “And what does anything your saying have to do with the French Bulldog in the swimming pool?”. Or, you know, something pertaining to the video or article in question. Something simple enough to get their attention. And let them know that continuously checking back on the same thread to see if anyone has commented on their comment, does not make them cool. It actually mostly makes you a tool.

Well, that’s all I can really say about that. It’s an unfortunate occurrence, which only furthers the evidence that the intelligence of our nation is going down to poop hole. (I type this as I make repeated spelling errors of course) There is not really anything we can do about it. People will say what they want. It is the gift and the curse of a free nation. Really though, don’t be afraid to let someone know when they’re being an asshole.


Love!! Bryce

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I’ll be Forever 21




Outfit Details:

Tank top- Forever 21

Jeans- Forever 21

Belt- Forever 21

Tights- Sear’s

Glasses- Ray Bans


Not much of an outfit today. Sean and I went on a bike ride, ate Wahoo’s, then had band practice. We tried to record. But we don’t really have a drummer. So it goes slow.

Overall, very fun day.

Too bad this shirt is so tight. I don’t normally wear such form fitting clothes. For good reason. However, it was hot today. And a tank top was much in order.

This weekend we should have at least two songs worth of demos down. Hopefully that gets done! If so, the songs will be placed up on MySpace or something. We don’t actually have a MySpace yet, but if we got those done, then one will be made.

Tomorrow I will have a proper outfit post, and of course “Are you kidding me!?!”  Friday second addition.





Cheap, but amazing pedal!


Love!! Bryce