Friday, May 28, 2010





Outfit Details:

T-shirt- American Apparel

Plaid Shirt- thrifted little boys button up

Jacket- Tulle

Belts- Gift from my brother, Forever 21, and Modcloth “How the West Was Cute”

Jeans- Levis

Socks- Target

Shoes- Punkrose


I have decided that I want to start rocking more than one belt at a time. Right now, I am wearing three. A pretty good start I’d say. Lets hope I can make this into my “thing”. That would be awesome.

I like the 90’s. I’m a 90’s kid. I was raised in the 90’s. But until recently, I never realized how much it effected my dress. I’ve been complemented multiple times for “bringing 90’s grunge back”. This was never something I was really aiming for, it just happened. And you know what? I don’t hate it.

I’m also obsessed with cowboys. This I have always been aware of. My family went to rodeos my whole life. I grew up idolizing the modern day cowboy. It only makes sense that my favorite books/ book series of all time would be about a cowboy (sort of), a gunslinger really, that lives in a different world as is trying to save all whens and wheres from destruction. It’s called The Dark Tower series, and if you haven’t heard of it. It’s by Stephen King. It is not a horror, it’s his literary baby. And the first four books are the best you’ll ever read in your life. If you can get into them.

This outfit is dedicated to two of my favorite things: Roland Deschain and Nirvana.


Long days and pleasant nights all.

Love!! Bryce

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