Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you kidding me!?! - Local Natives addition

Well, I messed up. Yesterday was supposed to be Champagne Thursday. But I forgot to get the champagne. So instead, today is going to be “Are you kidding me!?!” Friday.

Now I don’t mean to upset or offend anyone with this. But it needs to be brought up when such a large amount of people are making such a horrible mistake.

Further more, before I dive full depth into this rant, I would like to say that it is not without warrant. I have met the people I am talking about. I know intimate details about them… from one source or another. So trust me when I say, that you are all making a huge mistake with Local Natives.

This band is no good. They have no hits. It is simply a group of five guys that want so wholeheartedly to be hipsters, that they will do whatever it takes to get themselves known as that.

Why do I make that last statement you ask? Let’s see shall we. They are from Orange County. Orange specifically. They moved to Silverlake last year in order to more comfortably play shows in LA(they are not from LA, as they are claiming). They were the “house band” at Spaceland for a month, which involved them playing there every week. Which is why so many people even have heard of them. For Gods sake, look at their mustaches. They are awful!

I understand that people have different music tastes. And I’m fine with that. Hey, I’m not without my embarrassing high school favorites. But lets just all admit that we have a another Willowz on our hands here. Yes, they are huge right now. Yes, they played SXSW and Coachella. And yes, they even had their picture in Entertainment Weekly. But I dare you to un-biasedly listen  to their record and tell me which, if any, song is not heavily  produced. And how it could be possible that they go so far, when bands like The Kills get booed off the stage at Chain Reaction. Basically, if they don’t have a radio hit on their up-coming album, they are done.

I am afraid that we are in a depression here. A music depression. We have circled back around to the 50s. Where they say what we like, and we don’t ask questions. I will admit however, that we are in kind a of limbo. We are stuck between the record execs being so afraid of piracy and self released albums that they are going after every genre of music. Putting out records that they approve of in every field , in order to make it easier and more accessible for people to find their favorite bands cd at the local record/electronics store. With the other side of that being: the wide spread accessibility and popularity of instruments in general, and home recording and producing. I don’t want to say unfortunately, because my record will be self recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, and released. But then again, Sean is actually good at what he does. So I am not talking about everyone. There are some talents out there. No, when I say unfortunately, I mean the kids out there who are now bored of their video games and think that just because they can afford home recording equipment means that they are any good at it. It’s not something that can be taught people. Sure you can learn your way around the gear, but without the ear, you just don’t have what it takes.

So what I mean by all that is, we are being flooded by an on slot of horrible bands, and horribly produced records by bands that would other wise be decent.

My point, on the whole, is not that you are all a bunch of dummies. But that it is not your fault. You hear a well produced record that is in a pleasant frequency range. And not only are your friends now telling you that you should like this, but so is Entertainment Weekly! It is peer pressure overload! All you have to do to remedy this, is start thinking for yourself! If you still Like Local Natives after that, then I can’t help that. But if you find that you only liked them because the cute popular girl down the street does, then do yourself a favor and stop buying into the hype.

Well, it you have made it through this whole post without quitting or wanting to hit me for talking down on your favorite band, then thanks for reading. Next post will continue with regular fashion posts. So until next week, happy “Are you kidding me!?!” Friday!


Love!! Bryce


P.S. Here is the Local Natives MySpace so you can all see for yourselves.

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