Saturday, May 29, 2010

Andy Anaheim


IMG_2499-2 (2)


Outfit Details:

Shirt- from my first year of t-ball

Skirt- super old

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Socks- Target

Shoes- Minnetonkas

Necklace- Self made

Purse- thrifted, vintage Doony & Bourke


I love my backyard! There are just so many beautiful views.

I’ve had this shirt since I was four. It used to be huge on me! It’s strange to think that I was ever that small. It now ends right about where the skirt starts. Oh, how things change.

I have been ogling this necklace from Modcloth for a while now. However, being in the financial situation that I usually find myself in, I never got it. I found this pendant in a Etsy shop that I now have forgotten the name of (I know. Bad blogger!). I bought it for  $4 and got/ already had the rest of the supplies from Michael’s. It took all of five minutes. And I love it! So worth doing it myself. Not only do I have a great necklace for about $10, but I get to tell everybody that I made it myself.

The purse, I thrifted from “ ‘THE’ Thrift Store” in Fullerton. They have tons of great vintage purses and wallets and really, great everything. I need to make that place a regular stop. I also got a small black and brown D & B.


Long days and pleasant nights!

Love!! Bryce

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