Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, I have been in a major rut. All I want to do is wear boy clothes. Unfortunately, most of my clothes are packed. So I have this:







Not terrible just terribly comfortable. I feel like sporty spice in Spice World when they change outfits, and Ginger Spice doesn’t want to give her clothes back because they are too comfortable. That’s me. I Just watched The Runaways, and am sorta obsessed with Kristen Stewart now. I mean, I always liked her offbeat, tomboy attitude. But never cared either way for her other than that. Once I realized that she is two years younger than I am, I fell in love. Not to mention her playing Joan Jett. Which was awesome! I don’t know why that did it for me. But it really did. Well, these pictures didn’t hurt either.







And, I have to admit, this is the one that caught my attention.


I thought to myself, anyone wearing that to a red carpet event, has got to be the shit; I really didn’t care about her till I saw this picture. Yes, I think it’s hideous. And no, I would never wear this. But that is not the point. Not at all. The point is. She is a young girl who has grown up in “Hollywood”, and somehow managed not to turn out like all the rest. No wonder Robert Pattinson always wants to hang out with her. She’s like a little boy. A hot little boy!

If I could work the tomboy thing that well all the time. I would. Without hesitation.


Outfit Details:

Shirts- American Apparel tri blend deep v

Cardigan- Forever 21

Shorts, Socks- Thrifted

Bike Shorts- leggings cut short

Shoes- Converse


I told you that you would see me in these items a lot in the near future.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Starry Night





Outfit Details:

Top- Forever 21

Shorts- Thrifted

Cardigan- Forever 21

Tights- Sears

Socks- Target

Shoes- Forever 21


For some reason I am loving these boxes as a back drop. I packed my tripod, stupidly, so I’m stuck stacking crates on top of each other and balancing my camera on top on a jacket to take these. That is the main reason why I am keeping my self indoors. That, and it has been oddly overcast through most of the day.

I woke up at 7 to take the kitties to the vet, and it looked like it was going to rain outside! Hint the cardigan and socks. By 3 it had cleared up and was a phenomenal 70 degrees out however.

I’m planning on overloading you with pictures today because, like always, I blew my load too early. And by load, I mean shopping finds. I hit a thrift store and Forever 21 store/outlet yesterday and picked up this whole outfit for under 40 bucks!



Like always though, I got too excited about my new additions and had to wear them all in one day and in one outfit. I realize and admit that the blue shorts and blue top would not be my first choices together, but they worked fine, so I went with it. I actually kind of like the monotone look of it. If I only had a blue cardigan of another shade to go with them, then it would have all come together. Maybe.

Expect to see a lot of these few items in the upcoming weeks. I have now packed most all of my clothes. Except for the necessities. So these items will be staples, along with a few others. This top is amazing! It is so light and breezy. And it’s a long tunic, so I will probably be wearing it with just some tights or shorts in the hot heat of Tennessee. I also plan on using it as a pattern for making more of these once I get my sewing machine unpacked at the new place. And it’s covered in stars! I just love it! And to think I almost talked my self into not buying it. Wow would I have been bummed!

I would like to thank my special guest, Mortimurr, for being such a lovely addition to my photos today. The cats love those boxes so much! They climb to the very top and lay so that they can barely even stand up without hitting the ceiling. They like to be the King and Queen of the house.



I’m not a huge fan of this last photo, but Mort’s face was just too good not to share. I cropped out the terrible parts of the photo (ie. the way I parted my legs in the absolute most un-feminine way possible). I looked like a cowboy standing on the porch after a long day on the ranch. Which I will admit, I usually am okay with, but this was not a flattering one of those poses.


I also want to thank all of you who are following and keeping up with this blog. I appreciate it more than you know. I also appreciate all of your wonderful comments! They really convince me that this is something worth keeping on with. I have fun with blogging. And it’s helping me expand my horizon on clothing and outfits. Two years ago I was almost strictly a t-shirt and jeans girl. Not that there is anything wrong with that (p.s. that saying always reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where they are talking about the man being gay, and how someone thinks that Jerry is gay, and they keep saying that he’s not, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” okay, back to my point). All I’m trying to say is, that I have come a long way in the last two years, and even in the last few months, and I attribute a lot of that to this blog. So thank you for being a part of that!


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce and Mort!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Not In Kansas Anymore








Outfit Details:

Jacket- H&M

Onesie- Thrifted

Shoes- Toms


I feel horrible about my lack of blogging lately. I just have been so busy getting ready to move. As you can see in my outfit photos, packing is going very well.This is my weeks progress. This, and a little more that you can’t see in the photos. But it’s getting so close, and I’m starting to get nervous. On the bright side, we found a house!!! It’s in Hendersonville. Which is just north of Nashville. And I am going to be able to transfer to the Traders there. All of this news came within five minutes of each other the other morning. Let me just tell you…. Such a good morning! I’m really getting amped up for the move. Nervous, but amped. The house is amazing. It’s just what we were looking for. Absolutely perfect.

On a more fashion related note. This, what would you call this?, onesie, is one of my favorites right now. I went to a Goodwill by my parents house and saw this immediately. I didn’t even try it on. I was too enamored by it. I also bought a handmade seventies one with a tank top. That one, did not fit however. I tried to alter it, but nothing I did helped. It’s just too small. Now I wish I wouldn’t have messed with it. Because it was definitely something that would have been great on someone else. I may try to fix it up, and give it away/ sell it as a romper with shorts. We’ll see what I can do once I get my sewing machine un packed over at the other house.

Until next time. And I assure you, it won’t se in a week.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Honor Roll







Outfit Details:

Top- Handmade, Built By Wendy

Skirt- Handmade

Tights- Sears? Target? not sure

Shoes- Toms


Yet another contest. This time for Weardrobe. Modcloth is holding a styling contest through Weardrobe. You style an outfit that you would be proud to rock on your first day of school. You can enter as many times as you want. My problem? I already packed half of my clothes. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to participate as often as I can. But it’s just going to be a little more challenging than it normally would me.

So if you have a Weardrobe account, show me some love! Or ‘heart’s. Only if you see it fitting of course!

I apologize for these remarkably blown out pictures. It’s just so bright out! The only other options were, indoors, which I didn’t see appropriate for the contest, or the shade, which never gives very good pictures. I realize that I am slightly in the shade here. That was for my own benefit. I was trying to stay as cool as possible. I’m a wienie is what I’m trying to say. A big ol’ baby when it comes to heat. So why am I moving to Nashville, Tennessee you ask? I’m just not sure.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

3 Million Degrees






Outfit Details:

Top- Forever 21

Bra- Wet Seal

Skirt- Handmade


The last and final remix. I’m sure you were all tired of this top. Don’t worry, so am I. The worst part of all this was that I wore it for four days in a row. Given, not all day every day since I did have  to work. But the first day I went to the beach, so I started off with it smelling like ocean. And it only got more magical!

Time to spend some quality with  my man before he has to leave again on Sunday!


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 Million Degrees









Outfit Details:

Top- Forever 21 dress as top

Shorts- thrifted

Shoes- Vans


This is my second look for the Teen Vogue Remix contest over at Chictopia. I actually have never done this with this dress and I really like how it turned out. For some reason, tucking my dresses in, or covering them up with another skirt never occurred to me. Recently, through all of my blog following, I have realized that this is a great idea. It is the perfect way to wear the same item multiple ways. And with all this hot weather coming up, I need a way to wear my coolest items over and over without seeming boring, or, well, dirty.

Off to get ready for work. Sean comes home for the weekend tonight! Yes! I’m so excited. It’s been a week and a half, and that’s just way too long.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!


P.S. To Estefany, my tattoo is actually a robot and a girl with space in the background.

P.P.S. playing hooksies, yes, I love The Dark Tower series. The first four books, Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands, and Wizard and Glass are my favorite books of all time. That and Pride and Prejudice.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Million Degrees







Outfit Details:

Dress- Forever 21

Tights- Sear’s

Shoes- Target


I decided to participate in the Teen Vogue Style Remix over at Chictopia. I choose an item, then remix it three different ways. This would be the first. Straight forward. My item is the dress by the way. I love this thing. I bought it at Forever 21, well, forever ago. I used to wear it as a tunic over jeans. Until, that is, I found Jenny Lewis and her tiny dresses. I wear this probably way more often than I should. but it is super comfy, and fits perfectly. Not to mention it is breezy and cool to the max. Which is a huge plus in the summer when the temperature soars.

I seem to remember it being only a fraction of the temperature last here than it is this year. And summer isn’t even over yet. Today seems to be the first day of the true heat wave. And I’m already complaining. Not to mention my soon to be move to Tennessee. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to hang. I’m a mega baby!


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!