Thursday, May 13, 2010

Death, like diamonds, was forever.

IMG_2309-2 (2)




Outfit Details:

Dress- H&M

Shorts- Aspire from Sports Authority

Shoes- Cynthia Vincent for Target

Belt- thrifted

Headband- Claire’s

Necklace- a pearl that my mom got me from one of those places where you pick out the oyster and you get your very own pearl.


Yes, folks, I did. I got a pair of the Cynthia Vincent for target shoes. And they are by far the most comfortable heel/wedge that I have ever worn. I had to search forever for these things. Because, like the nimrod that I am, I miss understood the Target website, and I thought that all of the shoes were online only. Turns out that only a few select styles were. And by the time I realized this, they were basically all gone. I could find the flats, but the wedges were toast. Now from what I can understand, these specific shoes were one of the online only pairs. I in my amazing luck, found a pair in-store yesterday. They are, I must say, a size 10. What? Another pair of shoes that are too big for you, you ask? Yes, it is true. However, in my defense, they not only have velcro closures, but they have dual velcro closures, that lock the heel of my foot in place so that my foot doesn’t slide around. And one of my biggest pet peeves in the world is when peoples toes hang over the edge of their open toed shoes. I just can’t stand it! This, I vow will never happen to me. Which is why I am okay with the fact that these are… 1?… maybe even …2?…. sizes too big for me. And like I said, they are the most comfortable things ever.

Wow, I said “I” a lot in that paragraph. So it seems, is the nature of blogs I suppose.

Here’s some more personal indulgence. This dress is the dress I was wearing the night that Sean and I met. I was not wearing a belt, was wearing full length leggings, and flats that night however. But this is it, the dress that won me my man! Ha!

On a side note. I am applying for Weardrobe a second time today. They told me that my picture did not meet the requirements last time. I don’t know. So this time I’m giving them this one:

IMG_2314-2 - Copy

Wish me luck!


Love!! Bryce


Ashley W said...

Those shoes are brilliant.

Vancouverista said...

oh those shoes are really fantastic

i just came across your blog-love it!