Monday, December 06, 2010

Music Monday #4

Today, for your rocking pleasure: Hot Snakes.

Hot Snakes HotSnakes

In 2005, Hot Snakes album Audit In Progress was voted “best punk album” at the San Diego Music Awards. They broke up that same year.

Members: Rick Froberg - guitar, lead vocals (1999–2005), John Reis - guitar, backing vocals (1999–2005), Gar Wood - bass, backing vocals (1999–2005), Jason Kourkounis - drums (1999–2003), Mario Rubalcaba - drums (2003–2005)

This type of raw garage punk rock just isn’t around anymore. You really can’t find anything this strong and well done. At least not in the punk rock category. These guys are just simple dudes making great music. Or made, I should say.

They have three studio records. Automatic Midnight (2000), Suicide Invoice (2002), Audit In Progress (2004). All put out by Swami Records, John Reis’ record company. Not every song is a hit, by any means, but each of these three albums have songs that will forever be on my favorites list. 

Some of my favorite songs?

Automatic Midnight: Automatic Midnight, No Hands, 10th Planet

Suicide Invoice: I Hate the Kids, Suicide Invoice, LAX

Audit In Progress: Kreative Kontrol

Prove it?



There it is. Hope you enjoyed.



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