Thursday, December 02, 2010

Don’t Feed Them After Midnight





Outfit Details: Shirt- Old Navy; Skirt, Shoes- thrifted; Belt- Urban Outfitters; Socks- Target

Stripes: Don’t feed them after midnight, and don’t get them wet, they multiply! After my exploration in pattern mixing the other day, I thought I’d keep the theme going. Problem, I just couldn’t decide which I liked more. Striped belt, or striped cardigan. Don’t be fooled. I was freezing my knickers off during both of these photo sessions.







Sorry for the super over abundance of photos today. I just happen to not be able to leave out any of these. I just liked them all too much. It’s probably mostly trying to save as many pictures of my hair as it is now as I can. Come Friday, it’ll all be gone. Well, not all. But most. I’m so excited! I wanted to do it as soon as possible, but I opted for waiting till my day off.

I love this skirt. The full skirt aka the midi is huge right now. And I just happen to find this perfect one at Goodwill the other day. Another part of my exceptional thrifting day. The material is so light and breezy.

Happy second day of December! And second day of Hanukkah if you are celebrating!



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Nice everything!