Monday, December 13, 2010

Keep Snow In Your Heart





Outfit Details: Dress- thrifted; Shirt- Walmart; Socks- Target; Shoes- Vintage

I have a secret to tell. I didn’t wear this today. It didn’t actually snow the day I wore this at all. But I failed at getting pictures of this the day I did wear it. So, here you go.

On Saturday, the day in question, we spent all day in the office. Not my office, I don’t have an office. All day in Sean’s office. It was cool. I got high speed internet all day. I couldn’t complain. Then we went to a friends house and played Wii dodge ball and tennis till my arm nearly fell off. it was a pretty nice night. The other female and I also entertained the men with a quick game of We Cheer. It’s pretty much Dance Dance Revolution but with your arms.




My dress says “Noel” and “Keep Christmas in your heart”. In case you were wondering.

If you take a quick look at my right strap, you’ll see a missing button. In the midst of a my Wii’ing, I lost a button. I have it, I just have yet to re-attach it.


One more thing……. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SNOW!!! In Tennessee! In December! Apparently this is odd. Snow in general is odd to me. I’m pretty much ready to sled down my back yard right now. I knew I should have bought that this weekend like I wanted to!


LAURA!!! said...

I just love this outfit! Especially with the snow ;)!!

trixie said...

So, you do know that when the ground is white, it has snowed. So when I ask, "Has it snowed?" and you reply, " None of it stuck" well it sure looks like it "Stuck"