Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY Friday

In lieu of a Film Friday, this week I’m going to bring you a little DIY Christmas project that I cooked up.

For some reason, in the last three years, Sean and I have been Christmas tree free. Not consciously, not on my part. We just never get around to getting one, or clearing a spot for it to go even if we did get one. So, I tend to get a little creative on the tree front. Two years ago, I got Sean two manikins for Christmas. One, I decorated like a tree. We used that same thing last year. This time around, I decided to mix it up.

Remember in elementary school when you had those displays that were felt on felt? And you could move the little figures around because the felt stuck to the felt? Well, that was my plan with my tree this year. Felt on felt, so that I could change it and decorate it however I wanted, and so that it was able to be saved. I made it in about two hours. So it’s nothing too crazy.

Here’s what you need:


A poster board the height that you want your tree to be. Green felt for the tree base. Various felt colors for ornaments. Fancy stuff for further decoration. Scissors (not shown) for cutting tree shape and decorations.


A sneaky holiday kitty for assistance!


A glue gun.


Some holiday cheer!


And another special holiday kitty!

(kitties optional)

Step One:


Attach green “tree base” felt to poster board using hot glue.

Step Two:

IMG_3971-2 Cut poster board with felt attached, into tree shape. I used pinking shears to get a more “realistic” and interesting branch edge.



Step Three:


Create ornaments. I made circles, circles with embellishments, “gingerbread” men, “gingerbread” houses, bells, and other random shapes. You can do whatever you choose. I’m not the best arts and crafter in the world, so I’m sure you can come up with plenty of fun things to do on your own!

Step Four:


Arrange ornaments on your tree!

Step Five:


Create your tree topper. I chose a star because It seemed to be the easiest. I used pipe cleaner, and sparkly pom poms. I also used a pipe cleaner to attach the star to the board so that I could remove it later.

Final Step:


Place tree in your designated tree spot. Mine is next to my fireplace, resting on a brick that protrudes out.


And if your getting antsy for Christmas morning, put one of your favorite Christmas Helper kitties under the tree for safe keeping!


And that’s all there is to it! It was super fun to do, and you can personalize it and make it anything you want. All of the supplies (minus the scissors, the glue gun and the kitties) were only about $15 dollars at my local Hobby Lobby. For something cheap and fun and easy to do, this is a great project.

I hope that you try it out! If you do, let me know how yours turns out! I would love to see some others!


Happy Friday!


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trixie said...

Completely AWESOME!!!! Merry Christmas to you and the kittie helpers