Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Living Room Sleepovers





Outfit Details: Sweater- thrifted; Jeans- Urban Outfitters; Shirt- I have no clue

It is very cold in Tennessee. Like super duper cold. So, the man and I have been sleeping in the living room downstairs in order to take full advantage of our heater (which does not heat out upstairs bedroom). It’s quite comfortable since the futon that is our couch is also the futon that is our bed. We pretty much just transfer our pillows and top blankets downstairs and have a living room party. It’s also nice because we don’t have a t.v. in our room, so we can stay up until the wee hours of the night watching movies and being giggly.




Guitars: White Hagstrom Viking (mine); Black Hagstrom Super Swede (Sean’s); Black Squier Bronco Bass (mine)

Our cats are loving it. They get free reign of the house to go crazy and run around like mad men, and ladies.

I have had this sweater for a while. It seems to fit way better than it did when I got it. I got it because it was awesome, obviously! I don’t know if I have gained weight, or lost some, but whatever it is. It is working for this sweater. I think it is also pretty fitting for the holidays.

As you can see, our living room doubles as our studio. The next two weeks when we have a vacation! we’re actually going to be using it, and starting our record. I’m pretty excited about it.

Those are pretty much my big Christmas plans. You got any?



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trixie said...

You look like you have lost weight! Did you say you have a T.V.?