Friday, December 03, 2010

Film Friday

In honor of today being the day of my big haircut, I’m giving you a movie that inspired me way back when.

Rules of Attractionrulesofattraction

Starring: James van der Beek, Shannyn Sossamon, Ian Somerhalder, Jessica Biel, and Kip Pardue.

“The Rules of Attraction is a dark comedy and satirical novel by Bret Easton Ellis published in 1987. The novel focuses on a handful of rowdy and often sexually promiscuous, spoiled Bohemian college students at a liberal arts college in 1980s New Hampshire, primarily focusing on three of them who find themselves in a love triangle. The novel is written in first person narrative, and the story is told from the points of view of various characters. The book was adapted into a film of the same name in 2002. Ellis himself has remarked that of all the film adaptations of his books, The Rules of Attraction came closest to capturing his sensibility and recreating the world he created in his novels.” -

Bret Easton Ellis also wrote American Psycho and Less Than Zero most notably, along with many others.

The film is in classic Ellis form. It is sarcastic, witty, smart, dramatic, and fast paced. It’s also super stylish and super accurate. Ellis really knows how to capture a scene and make you feel as if you were there. The movie does an amazing job of capturing his writing. And although I haven’t read this book, I have read American Psycho and Less Than Zero, and can vouch for their accuracy.




Shannyn Sossamon’s hair was the subject of many a hair cuts for me. This is the hair that truly inspired me in 2004-2007.


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my word verification to leave this comment is "merstag" also the soundtrack to this film is amazing