Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Hunt

Although I am very happy with my most recent coat purchase. The Twins of the Mississippi Coat from Modcloth. I was informed that I am going to need something a little more heavy duty. Something snow worthy. Now, I am on the hunt. I have a very specific idea of what I want. That is not making it very easy on me. I want a hood, I want toggles, and I need it to be warm!

What I want:

5edf2461e2fcf8c81ca27b973a26c0e02bd24078-200  EB10ID_0067284_800B1 paddlecoat








first two from Eddie Bauer- Wool-Blend Duffle Coat ($199); third from Dear Creatures- Paddle Coat ($243)


What I’ll “settle” for (haha, settle. I would be honored to have any of these):


Coats.Topshop.Hooded.Duffle.Cape  829146_RED_Bound-Seam-Duffle-Coat_1




first from Dear Golden Etsy- vintage wool toggle coat ($120); next two from Topshop- Bound Seam Hooded Duffle Coat & Hooded Duffle Cape (both $160)


I am hoping that I end up with one from column two. Maybe just get the red one in blue. I am so confused! But if I decide that even that is too much for me. And the gift cards I am hoping to get for Christmas. Then maybe one from column three will be my winner.




First two from Target ($49); third from Walmart ($27)


Maybe not the third column, but we’ll see. sometimes a compromise is in order.



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maggeygrace said...

I have a yellow toggle coat:)

It's amazing! I hope you get one:)