Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the Life of Cheeks


A few weeks ago, Labor Day weekend to be exact, I bought a hamster. She is a Russian Dwarf hamster. Sean appropriately named her Checoslovaquia. Cheeks for short.


She lives in my sewing room, so that the cats can’t get to her on a regular basis. I do let her run around the house in her ball most nights. She should be on American Gladiator. She runs into the cats legs when they don’t move out of her way. Occasionally the cats get frisky and paw at the ball (they get popped when they do that). But mostly they just stare at her, having no idea what this intruder is doing in their house.

I had a problem the first few days of having her getting over my fear of being bitten. They are only little hamster teeth, but the are still teeth! Ha! Well, after sticking our bare hands in the cages, and getting rewarded with bites, Sean and I were feeling defeated. I came to a conclusion that a compromise had to be made. I wanted to pick Cheeks up. And Cheeks didn’t want to be picked up. So, now I use her igloo. It’s easy, and she feels safe. Once I get her out of the cage I put her in my hand and she’s fine. Now it’s just a matter of getting used to each other.



Since Cheeks doesn’t get a lot of face time when it come to fashion, I thought I would give her her own post.

She’s super fun. It’s crazy to think that I have yet another small furry creature living in my house as a guest. That always amazes me. I know, I over think things.

I hope you all enjoyed this little break from the regular schedule. I know I sure did. Back to regular stuff tomorrow.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce and Cheeks!!!


Anonymous said...

I so totally forgot about my grand-hamster! I love her already, she is so cute!!!

Arielle said...