Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear Dear





Outfit Details:

Romper- Dear Creatures via Swirl

Tights- Sears


Like I said, buying online is hardly ever flawless for me. This romper was a lucky purchase. However, it only came in a small or medium. I bought the medium. When it arrived, I was glad that it fit on at all. Let alone as closely as it does. The top fits amazing! Perfect really. But my top is quite a bit smaller than my bottom. :)  I felt like I was in the 70’s, and that all I needed was a pair of roller skates to finish the ensemble.

So, I decided to fix it myself. Because I got it for such a good price, I figured, no harm no fowl. I could figure something out. In comes the extra ‘v’ of fabric on the legs. I feel kind of lucky that I didn’t ruin this thing. It’s just so cute.



If you don’t know anything about Dear Creatures, than you need to find out! Every one of their collections since I started following them have been magical. They have these small details that really make the pieces. They love everything nautical, vintage inspired, and comfy. The silhouettes are slightly loose and fun. More of a modern fit with vintage prints and details. Lots of peter pan collars, frills, and captain collars. If I could wear exclusively Dear Creatures, I probably would.


Sorry for the blur. I’m fidgety.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

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Melrose said...

You can't notice the alteration at all! This romper looks amazing on you!