Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to the Grindstone





Outfit Details:

Shirt- American Eagle

Shorts- Thrifted

Belt- Modcloth

Shoes- Forever 21

Tights- Sears


Last night as I lay in bed, I thought about what I was going to wear for today. All I could see in my head what Maria over at Lulu Letty. I didn’t have  quite to top I dreamt of. Something slightly more masculine, and a little frilly. And i would have preferred pants over shorts, but what can I say. I absolutely love this outfit! I am just bummed that I had to wear it on a day that I have to go to work. Outfits like these make me dream of a job where I can wear my own clothes. 



Sean made me promise to stay inside for photos until I figure out this whole biting thing. So far, It’s worked. I’m just getting antsy inside. I need the sunshine! Not something I usually yearn for I’ll have you know.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!


MarySew said...

your hair looks so cool!

Lady Moriarty said...

I quite like these shorts, very 80's

See U !

Ashley said...

Cute outfit!

Bryce said...

Thanks everyone!
I tried the "crown" for my hair for the first time. It was great until my hair dried and it started falling out. Next time: more bobby pins!

Sarah said...

I think that this outfit looks great. Good job channeling Lulu Lettty, she is so wonderful. I love this shorts with tights look. It is so cute.

Miranda said...

Cool outfit, just started following!