Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Copy Cat





Outfit Details:

Dress- H.M.S. Pinafore from Modcloth

Scarf- The Limited

Tights, Shoes- Sears


I thought, since my last two outfit posts were inspired by bloggers (Merry Christmas and Happy Halloween inspired by Keiko Lynn Crimson and Clover. Back to the Grindstone inspired by Lulu Letty.),I thought that I would go ahead and keep up with the theme. Today’s inspiration is Erin, at Calivintage (Bo Peep). I obviously am adding a bit of my own flare to each of these outfits, but it’s hard to do much better when these lovely ladies have already done such a great job! I decided to cover up with a long scarf just like Erin did.



I have been obsessed with this pinafore ever since Erin wore it back in May. I even made my own a while back. Which, after wearing this one, I know was a poor representation. This really is a beautiful piece of clothing. At the hefty price tag of $117, I knew I would never be mine though. Then the Modcloth gods smiled down on me, and put it on their Last Hurrah sale! It was now an earth shattering $35. I didn’t even breath between seeing it and putting it in my basket. There was just no way I wasn’t getting it. Unfortunately, another of my purchases was not so well received by me, but more on that in a bit.

I really like the dark contrast between to bright upper half, and the dark bottom half of this outfit.

I snuck outside today to take my pictures. Don’t tell Sean! But only as far as my drive way. We had our house sprayed for bugs. Now, the outside of the door is the insect graveyard. It’s crazy, they are just all fleeing away from our house. I personally don’t mind it one bit. The ones that do make it inside don’t make it far past Morty and Sammy. Oh how I love my cats!

The purple headband was a surprise in my box of goodies from Modcloth. It was a gift just for me! For buying so many items no doubt. How did they know that I like headbands so much?!

I bought this lovely pinafore of course, the Full Style Ahead Blazer, the Golden Good Luck Dress (the problem dress), and Bag A Bear Tote.


                                                    Full Style Ahead Blazer




    Bag A Bear Tote




                                                        Golden Good Luck Dress

This dress is great. But waaaaaaaaaaay too small! It’s a medium, but fits like a xs. I bought it in the Last Hurrah sale and is non-refundable. That being said…….I’m selling it. The dress was originally $60. I bought it for much less than that. I’m selling it for $40. If your interested, email me! Burntryce@gmail.com. It was never worn! I pulled it out of the box and tried it on. That’s as far as I got.

The measurements, taken laying flat, are:

Bust- 16”

Waist- 13”

Hips- free

It’s a great dress, with great detailing. And the gold color really is awesome in person. It’s just too small for me. It is made by The Addison Story.



I have been looking for a gold dress for like a year and a half. Of course I was too excited to look at the sizing chart before I bought this. Bad for me, good for you!


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!


trixie said...

I'm thinking about purchasing your dress, how long is it?

Aire said...

Hi Bryce,
Our pinafore looks so cute on you! Thanks for sharing!

Aire @ModCloth

Arielle said...

I want all the clothing and goodies in this post! I would love to take that dress off your hands but I don't think it will fit my bust..who ever purchases it though is a lucky gal