Thursday, September 16, 2010






Outfit Detail:

Blazer- Nick and Mo via Modcloth

Jeans- UO

Top- UO


I have been admiring this Nick and Mo blazer for so long! It’s even on one of my wishlists from a while back. To tell you the truth, I have been admiring many of Nick and Mo’s items for quite some time. They are all so cute and vintage inspired. This blazer even has an adorable lace tag attached by buttons. I realize that I am a little behind on the whole nautical theme, but I still think that it is going to be relevant, at least for myself, well into fall. Especially since I recently bought a Dear Creatures romper from their spring collection. It was featured in the LA section of Swirl by Daily Candy. Along with many other items, including what was known as the Calivintage dress on Modcloth. One that I have been aching for. I was a little behind, though, and it was sold out before I got there. What’s a girl to do?




Sorry I look so upset in that last picture. I think it’s funny. I do try my hardest to look at least upbeat in all of my photos, that’s just not always easy. I feel like I’m at the least neutral while taking the picture, but when I see the final product, I look pissed! Ha! I have to actually smile slightly in order to look anything but angry. Sometimes I forget that, that’s when I look pissed.

Not much else going on with this outfit today. It’s warm out again. And I have three(!!!) bug bites on my back. So I needed a way to cover them up but stay cool. Jeans may have not been the best way to do that, but I only have one pair of shorts that fit me decently, and I wear those all the time, as you all know.

Why do bugs like me so much?!? I’ve pretty much always had this problem. I guess I’m just sweet. :)


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

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Sarah said...

I love this blazer. It is so adorable.
I have that problem when taking pictures too, especially because I tend to squint, so I look really angry sometimes. Haha.