Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The History Hump

For the first installment of The History Hump, I bring you one of the fashion bloggers best friends. The Peter Pan collar.

Other than it being the collar of choice on young school girl uniforms, I don’t know much else. So I thought I’d indulge myself while trying out a new feature.

The Peter Pan collar seems to have originated in the mid-twentieth century modeled after the very idea of Peter Pan. The sense of essential youthfulness given off by Neverland is why the name was given to such a youthful and innocent look. Popular on mostly girl’s clothing, it spread to adult fashion quickly. Always a source of debate in the fashion industry, this little piece of flare has been going in and out of style since it’s beginning.





peter pan collar

As well as the collar on clothing, are collars of the detachable nature.



Red detachable can be found at Young Captive’s Etsy.


We all know these. Almost all of us love these. Unfortunately, there isn’t as much background as I would have hoped.

The detachable dates back to when women would buy separate collars and cuffs in order to mix and match their outfits. Great idea! And definitely something that I need to be doing with my limited wardrobe.

“Peter Pan Collar” is probably among the most searched item on Etsy. And for good reason. I’m personally a big fan of the high collared, tight knit look of the Peter Pan (They are especially useful for short dresses, to balance out the look). 

If you didn’t know anything about these, I hope this helped. If you already knew all of this, come back next Wednesday for something that you hopefully don’t know.



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