Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Be Thankful





Outfit Details: Dress- Handmade; Jacket; Forever 21; Hat, Socks- Target; Shoes- Madewell

Enter, Thanksgiving dress. Un-stiched hem and all.

This though, is a sad state of affairs. I will not be able to wear it on Thanksgiving. If I did, I don’t think that I could eat nearly the amount I want to. The pattern I used was based on stretch fabric. I used a linen type fabric, so it’s a bit tight in the bust. I really like it though. I am still undecided on how I want the tulle to flow, so i just let it hang loose. I think that I’m going to try making another one with proper fabric.





I really can’t wait till Thanksgiving! I love food, that’s the main reason here. Sean and I will be spending our first Thanksgiving away from family this year. I’m really excited about it actually. Making all the food, eating as much as we can, then having leftovers for a week! I hope that everyone else is going to have a great holiday too! What are your plans?




Lucy, Dear Fish said...

I really like the volume of that skirt. And love how you paired it with bright red socks!`

Chaucee said...

Definitely a great outfit! Totally love this.
Ps - Just discovered your blog through The Upside of Wonder!