Sunday, November 28, 2010

Frosty Skies





Outfit Details: Sweater, Hat, Socks- Target; Shoes- Vans; Shirt (collar)- Walmart

It has been freezing the last few days! This whole sun and cold thing baffles me. I am not used to it being cold without the sky being totally gray. I guess this is what real fall is like. Who knew?!

Black Friday was a success for me. I hope it was for you as well. I got a pink pong table AND a dress form! Oh you have know idea how excited I am for both of these. And no, I will not be using the table for beer pong… We can’t hang. I’ve said this before. And one on one beer pong is not that fun.



Pictures by Sean! Except for the one of him of course.

This sweatshirt is from target. It is a little boy’s sweatshirt. And it is the softest thing I own. It really is amazing. Eco cotton. I highly recommend them. They even carry youth extra large if you are shy of short tops.

This is pretty much what I wear daily. Even to work if I’m feeling spunky.

I am now counting down the days till I get tired of my hair and hack it all off. I can feel it coming. It always happens this way. Right when I get to the point that I want to be at, I get antsy. Maybe I can hold on. I have been pretty good so far.

Good luck on Cyber Monday everybody! I’m gunna try and score me a new laptop! Wish me luck!




Anonymous said...

Nice cameo of Sean!!

sherryl said...

love those shorts, so cute :3