Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The History Hump #2

Welcome to another week folks! This week will hopefully yield a little more interesting of a story.

Hairstyles through the ages. Specifically, bangs. I have bangs, I love bangs, I love different styles of bangs. Today we are going to take a look through the ages at the various ways bangs were worn.

“Bangs are the swirl on the icing on the cake. When the forehead was revealed, it was reminiscent of authority and the thinking, classical male image or a Queen in a pompadour. One did not find bangs on Queen Victoria, certainly not in her matronly years. The forehead can be harsh and bony, a bit abrupt, aggressive like the ram, and stubborn as the mule. The bangs soften the image; they are a natural for children who have no authority and who are mostly playful. Bangs are fun, cute, demure, in fact, they invite play, much like the pigtails.“

Lets start this off in the 1900’s!


1904b Bangs were not quite the style in the early 1900’s like they are starting in the 20’s. Big hair and lots of  curls were a true sign of the times. Although a type of bangs can always be seen, with a sort of fall forward or messy front curls acting as bangs. 






Skip ahead to the 1920’s!



Of course we are all aware of bangs in the 20’s! Especially with the onslaught of flappers, bangs were part of the new ‘it’ hair style. Although bobs came around closer to 1915, the perfection of it seemed to be the roaring 20’s. Along with our first real sighting of the thick blunt bangs that are still so popular today.





1934c  1934a

The 30’s.

With the coming of the next war and the end of prohibition, the freedom and wildness of the 20’s was shut down to fright and insecurity. Movie stars, however, started leaning towards body hugging low cut dresses and tanned skin. They’re hair once again was curled but not the big display it was early on. Along with the sleek dresses, came sleek hair. Pinned tight against the head with body in the curls. Leaving little room for heady bangs.





40’s style.

It seems that bangs all but disappeared from popular hairstyles in the 40’s. The slight covering of the forehead only just visible.








On to the 50’s

The 50’s showed a real comeback for bangs in popular style. Teens especially seemed to embrace them as a hairstyle staple.








Finally, the 60’s.

By the 60’s, bangs were here with a vengeance! Of all shapes and sizes! And they have yet to leave our sides (or foreheads).







I’ll leave you at the 1960’s since little has changed for the better since then. At least as far as bangs are concerned. Hope you have enjoyed this walk through time with me!



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