Thursday, November 11, 2010



















           Outfit Details: Top- From my mom (via ebay); Jacket- Forever 21; Skirt- handmade; Tights- Sears

This top is a little “sexier” than I am used to. But I figure that as long as I keep a jacket over it, it tones it down and keeps it neutral. And this jacket is just so cutesie that the two really even each other out. When I button it up, I feel instantly like a 60’s high schooler (is that accurate?). Which is of course, is never a bad thing.



I have been working on getting a skirt form down so that it becomes a routine and I can start mass producing them. I’m still not quite ready for that, but I’m getting pretty close. I have officially made one skirt for someone other than myself. I don’t know how it worked out yet, but she said that it fit. So that’s a good sign!

Luckily, you can’t tell in these pictures, but I got mauled, well, not quite mauled, by my cat the other night. Really, it was my fault. I should know better than to pick up my little girl while laying down. Ha! She doesn’t really understand the whole idea behind keeping her nails in. They are always out. She’s a space cadet. I feel slightly crazy at work when everyone catches a glimpse of it, but are too shy to ask what happened. I tend to be awkwardly pointing it out just to break the silence. It’s just a slight scratch, and will probably be gone by this weekend. I’m hoping at least. I’ll keep you updated!



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