Wednesday, October 06, 2010






Outfit Details:

Top, Socks- Target

Skirt- Handmade

Boots- Nordstrom’s Rack


These boots were probably the best purchase I have ever made. I have a friend that works at the Mac in Nordstrom. And she was kind enough to take me on a shopping trip to Rack. I’m not sure how much they were originally (Although I looked them up on Amazon and they were nearly $200!), but I got them for $70!. They were my first boots ever. Oh, how I love them so… They are just so comfortable. And they have a faux fir lining that keeps my legs nice and toasty come winter time.




This is the third skirt in my series. The second was quite a bit too big (oops), although I was able to put it to use as a work friendly skirt. This is definitely my best so far. I am trying to perfect this design and hopefully start my own label and Etsy store and what-not. I’m sure that’s a while in my future. But that’s the overall goal.

This lighting ended up being more tricky than I bargained for. I had dreams of it being interesting and artsy and pretty to look at. Turns out it’s just hard to decipher. At least I know better for next time.

My birthday present came in the mail today. I had lunch with Sean and when I got home there was a big box just waiting to be let inside. Of course I’m not allowed to open it yet! I know what it is since it’s the one big thing I’ve been asking for from Sean, but I’m going to wait till I have it to make any more fuss about it. With just seven days left until I turn 22, my days of being 21 and carefree are dwindling. Oh, who are we kidding? I’m an old lady. And I don’t expect anything too exciting to come from being another year older.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!


Melrose said...

very cute, this one's going in my inspiration folder!

Trishna said...

I loved the combination of colours in this outfit and those boots really are very nice. Good luck with your etsy store. I want to start one myself and I'm scared as hell.

On another note I just visited here from weardrobe and would love for us to stay in touch.

How would you feel about following and/ or doing a link exchange with my blog? I'd be more than happy to return the favor. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada