Thursday, October 21, 2010

All I’ve Got Left Are My Bones





Outfit Details:

Top- Thrifted dress

Skirt- Handmade

Cardigan, Shoes- Target


Just a simple outfit for a simple day. This dress is uber tiny, so I have been wanting to try it under a skirt for a while.

I got an amazing guitar for my birthday from Sean and I have been trying my hardest to learn how to play it. I also got a Nirvana bass tabs book that I have yet to really dig my teeth into. I really feel as though I should be concentrating solely on those two tasks, but I just love blogging. I never thought that I would. But I just find it so fun documenting my outfits, and life, online. It’s hard to tear myself away now that I’ve gotten started!



I took about 15 pictures of me jumping before I could decide on that one. Jumping pictures are a tricky thing. They are hard to get right, but I feel like if you do, they can be magic! P.S. Can my hair be like that all the time please?

It really does feel great to be in a place that actually has seasons. Summer may be hot, but so far it’s been worth it for Fall!


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

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Lucy, Dear Fish said...

This whole outfit is lovely, I especially like the floral pattern on your camisole! I know what you mean about jumping photos-they are so hard to get right sometimes! I love how you managed to get one so perfectly up and down, it looks cool!