Friday, October 08, 2010

Film Friday

Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie


Starring: Deborah Harry, Christian Slater, Rae Dawn Chong, Matthew Lawrence (as the little kid!), Steve Buscemi, Jullian Moore

Plot: In anthology style, a child tells three stories of horror to keep from being eaten by a witch.

The movie version of an 80’s tv show, this movie is another great horror classic. Similar to the way Creepshow is set up, as well as Twilight Zone: The Movie, multiple stories are told throughout, all tied together by a boy reading a book. They’re not the scariest stories in the world, nor is it the the best acting. But with actors like these, you can’t go wrong! It has all my favorite things! A story written by Stephen King, and screen play by George Romero, and Jullian Moore!





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