Monday, October 04, 2010

Sitting Around Waiting for the Mail to Come.




Outfit Details:

Shirt- Forever 21

Shorts, belt- thrifted

Jacket- Gap

Tights- Sears


I wore something super similar to this when I did my inspired by Lulu Letty post not too long ago, but it was just felt too right to not wear these shorts again. It is amazing out and very much fall. This morning was extra amazing out. Bright and sunny and about 65 degrees. It did get a little warmer and a little cloudier. But I still love it so much. The crazy summer heat here in Nashville was a little much for this So. Cal. girl, so I am more than excited to welcome the cool weather.



I visited one of my local Goodwill’s to see if I could pick up something for my Halloween costume. I ended up with a hospital gown dress (not for Halloween, it was just awesome) and this belt. I needed a good leather belt for shorts and dresses and what not. It’s not quite big enough for my normal waist, which makes it perfect size for high waisted items.



I didn’t really need to wear such a heavy coat today. Mainly, I just couldn’t decide on anything lighter. I have had this jacket for a few years now. It has the best seafoam green liner ever. It was the most I had ever spent on any clothing before. It has proved to be a worthwhile investment.

Believe it or not, my hair is quite a bit lighter than it was before. You could never tell by the pictures, but I’m on my way to natural hair color once again. Shout out to Shannon at Tangles Hendersonville for hookin’ it up with an awesome hair cut.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

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Arielle said...

those shorts are quite the charmer :)