Monday, October 11, 2010

Ahead of the Curve





Outfit Details:

Dress- some shop in Laguna Beach

Vest- H&M


Yes! I’m finally one day ahead on outfit photos! I feel so accomplished. Now I can relax about when I take my photos and can always manage to post early in the day. As long as I have internet that is.

I tried to fit in at least one more summer outfit before fall comes crashing down on me. I’m not much of a summer/ hot weather person, so these outfits are always a bit difficult for me to put together. This dress could be considered my first alteration ever! It was a maxi, and I cut it to make it the length it is now. Of course, now with all the maxi hype, I’m kind of regretting that. But I definitely got more use out of it the way it is now than I ever would have with it long.

Vests baffle me. I love them. I wish I could wear them more often. They don’t agree. Enough said.



To sash or not to sash. That was the ultimate question here. I ended up with the “not to”. I always feel as though an ill placed sash can ruin you. I’d rather be a bit plain that over compensated. Would you agree?


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

1 comment:

Shallow Mallow said...

I rather like your sash :)

Nice one about being ahead with your photos. I enjoy the brief spells when I manage but I always fall behind quite swiftly again. Everytime I have a canned post ready my tripod suddenly seems too heavy to take to work wiht me.. lazy me. ;)