Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Connect





Outfit Details:

Dress- H.M.S. Pinafore from Modcloth

Cardigan- Target

Shoes- Madewell


I just can’t get enough of this pinafore! I see it in my closet and want to put it on every day. I have to force myself not to. These shoes are beginning to be the same way.

I think that I like this outfit more than I liked the other way I styled it.  And not only did I get to wear it again. I got to dress it up for fall. I was never one of those that agreed with the no white after labor day thing. I think that fall is the perfect time for white! The juxtaposition of white against all the fall colors is great. It makes me sad that it so often gets thrown out of rotation.



I think that my new favorite color combo is mustard and blue. I made a skirt with those colors a little while ago, and have loved them together ever since.

Over the summer, I had an average of three bug bites at any given time. I wondered why I kept getting bit, when Sean never got one. I learned that mosquitoes are more attracted to blue than any other color. And if you’ve read my blog in the past, you’ll know that blue is one color that I can’t get enough of. Good thing it’s no longer bug season. Now I can get my blue on and not worry. I don’t know what I’m going to do next summer. At least I’ve got a while.

Today I got my Tennessee drivers license. I am officially a Tennessee resident. I almost failed my vision test (I forgot my glasses)! But everything else went smoothly. Except… they had to take my California license! Not only am I officially a Tennessee resident, but I’m no longer a Ca resident. Oh, goodness. It’s for real!


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

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e.llera said...

Thanks so much for featuring ModCloth on your site! I LOVE the way you styled this. The yellow is great and I have to admit I'd probably be stomped!

Your friend,
Elisa at ModCloth