Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Netflix Saved My Morning

Now on Netflix instant:

Hey Arnold!: Season 1


Rocko’s Modern Life: Season 1


Rugrats: Season 1


Angry Beavers: Season 1



Thank you to the Netflix Gods for allowing me to catch up on the first season of all my favorite cartoons from my childhood. And even better than simply being able to watch these magnificent cartoons, i get to watch them instantly! So I don’t even have to wait for them, or fill up my que with them. (S0 Sean doesn’t have to complain about how those weren’t his cartoons and he doesn’t like them.)

I have to say, I was never a big fan of Rugrats. It seems that it was by far the most popular cartoon of the bunch. But it was never MY favorite. I was much bigger of a fan of the others. But this list basically sums up my Saturday mornings through junior high. Heck, even high school.

So if you have Netflix, get yourself over to Watch Instantly and check these out! All they need now is Salute My Shorts and Hey Dude.

Long days and pleasant nights.

Love!! Bryce


DustInMyWind said...

I love those shows (especially Hey Arnold!). I haven't seen them is so long! I've been looking into getting Netflix and this just may make me get it. :)

Bryce said...

It's so worth it! We don't have cable, even basic, all we do is watch movies and shows on Netflix. Between the instant and the mail orders, we have plenty to watch.