Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lacking Posts and Exciting News

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days. But I have some exciting news! I bought a car! A brand new Chevy Aveo. It’s a 2010. I love it so much. It is such an upgrade from my 1999 Volkswagon Jetta.




IMG_2612-2 IMG_2605-2

I’m so proud of myself. I bought it all by myself. If you have ever bought a brand new car, then you know what I mean when I say that it is an amazing feeling to drive off the lot for the first time.

Meanwhile, it’s been weird outside. Super hot during the day, and cloudy and cold in the early morning and at night. So I’ve been spending all the time that I’m not working or ogling over my car inside, in my bed.





Outfit Details:

Shirt- gift from my cousin

Jeans- Urban Outfitters

Belt- Forever 21

Glasses- Ray Ban

I’m gunna go ahead and have a real image heavy post since I’ve been slacking so hard in the last few days.

The blanket on my bed (we use it as our comforter when it’s hot out) my grandma made me years ago. I love it. She also made me a horse one of the same style. But this one is my favorite. Supposedly, it has a pin in it somewhere. But that has yet to be determined. It has little girls on it. It’s just heads with different colored dresses with arms and a leg. Sean says they look like something else, something dirty that I wont mention here. But I think that you can guess if you really want to.

The American Psycho pillow is mine, the pink ones are Sean’s. That basically sums us up. A little girl blanket and pink sheets.



I’m currently watching “Kurt and Courtney”, the documentary about Kurt Kobain and Courtney Love. It kind of fingers Courtney as the one who killed Kurt. If not that, then she at least had a part in it. Even Courtney’s dad thinks that she had something to do with Kurt’s death. Crazy.

On the bright side, if you don’t know, Refused, The Shape Of Punk To Come deluxe edition came out yesterday. You can get it at Best Buy or Amazon, or many other outlets I’m sure. I’m getting it. As soon as I stop feeling poor from buying a car.

Long days and pleasant nights.

Love!! Bryce

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