Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lonely Hearts Club







Outfit Details:

Dress: hand me down


Sorry for the amazing lack of posts lately. This last week and a half has been ridiculous. We came back from the wedding to a promotion offer for Sean. The problem: it’s in Nashville. We would have to relocate. And soon. The boss needs to know three days ago and we can’t answer until we definitively until we find out if I can transfer Trader Joe’s, which isn’t for another week or so. Oh, by the way, I work at Trader Joe’s. It’s a great job, and would be horrible to give up. However, there is only one TJ’s in Nashville and it is in-de-mand. Cross your fingers for me! I would appreciate it.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the last day and a half working on my friendship bracelet skills. I’ve really been wasting some quality time. It’s been great.


Long days and pleasant nights.

Love!! Bryce

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