Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, I have been in a major rut. All I want to do is wear boy clothes. Unfortunately, most of my clothes are packed. So I have this:







Not terrible just terribly comfortable. I feel like sporty spice in Spice World when they change outfits, and Ginger Spice doesn’t want to give her clothes back because they are too comfortable. That’s me. I Just watched The Runaways, and am sorta obsessed with Kristen Stewart now. I mean, I always liked her offbeat, tomboy attitude. But never cared either way for her other than that. Once I realized that she is two years younger than I am, I fell in love. Not to mention her playing Joan Jett. Which was awesome! I don’t know why that did it for me. But it really did. Well, these pictures didn’t hurt either.







And, I have to admit, this is the one that caught my attention.


I thought to myself, anyone wearing that to a red carpet event, has got to be the shit; I really didn’t care about her till I saw this picture. Yes, I think it’s hideous. And no, I would never wear this. But that is not the point. Not at all. The point is. She is a young girl who has grown up in “Hollywood”, and somehow managed not to turn out like all the rest. No wonder Robert Pattinson always wants to hang out with her. She’s like a little boy. A hot little boy!

If I could work the tomboy thing that well all the time. I would. Without hesitation.


Outfit Details:

Shirts- American Apparel tri blend deep v

Cardigan- Forever 21

Shorts, Socks- Thrifted

Bike Shorts- leggings cut short

Shoes- Converse


I told you that you would see me in these items a lot in the near future.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!


Robyn said...

That 4th pic of K Stew is stunning. I wouldnt have recognized her.

I also dig your "boy clothes" look. The layered shorts is such a good idea.

Bryce said...

Yea, I'm not the most comfortable in shorts, so the bike shorts really help with any riding up that may occur.