Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Handmade Brigade







Outfit Details:

Dress- Thrifted and altered

Under Shirt- Hollister

Shoes- Payless


The dress, I was once told, is some kind of traditional reverse embroidery dress from God help me I can’t remember. It was actually what I would consider a mumu when I bought it. I originally thought that I could pull it off if it was simply tied back. But the long sleeves and full length just didn’t do it for me. So I hacked off the end, the sleeves, and the sides. This is all before I found out that it was some kind of artifact mind you. I love it, but could never really find a perfect way to wear it.

The shoes, are a rare find. They were $7. Now, even for payless that is a great deal. I have been lusting after the Swedish Hasbeens for quite some time but have never been able get them, for obvious reasons (price being the key here). So when I saw these, I freaked. In a good way of course. At first I thought that they were too tight on my feet. I have very wide feet. And for $25, I don’t want to settle on too tight. But as I was putting them back on the shelf, I realized that they were on sale for $7. I think that they were the last ones. Which would explain the great price. I am so happy with them! And they are surprisingly comfortable. The leather kind of adjusts to the width of my foot, and the platform keeps my foot from being at any sort of extreme angle.


Today I went to an art fair in Santa Ana with my mom called The Handmade Brigade. It was pretty amazing. There were so many talented artist there selling everything you could imagine. We were also lucky enough to be one of the first fifty in line to a get a goody bag full of stuff from the vendors. Bows, and ear rings, and lip gloss and pins. I of course attended with no money, so was not able to purchase anything. But I got more than enough goodies in my bag. Not to mention a sick re-useable tote! If you are in the Orange County area, I very much recommend checking out one of their events. They are going on all the time all over the OC.


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!