Thursday, January 13, 2011






Outfit Details: Jacket- Thrifted; Sweater- Hanes/handmade; Leggings- Target; Boots- Nordstrom; Bow- American Apparel

Welcome to the second day of my Halloween in the off season series. I really enjoyed this this one! The sweater is actually the top half of Sean’s Ninja Turtles costume from this year. I just like it because it’s soft and roomy and warm. For like three days after Halloween, I ran around in this sweater with a jacket and jeans on. Everyone probably thought that I was going crazy (I also hadn’t showered in three days).



I got this bow a while back with the gift card I had gotten for my birthday. I wear it all the time! But it never seems to make it’s way into an outfit shoot.

There is still snow on the ground here in Tennessee, but it is no longer snowing. As much as I am anticipating the warmer weather, i am so hesitant to wish the snow away! It’s so fun, and bright, and refreshing! I feel like everyday when you go out, and your footprints from the previous day have been covered up, and the snow is fresh again, that the day is truly new. Also, I’m a bit worried about wearing as little as possible in the uber hot months. I’m rather conservative when it comes to fashion. So, well see how I do. I think I should start planning soon!


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