Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dear Dear





Outfit Details: Jacket- Dear Creatures; Skirt- Handmade; Cardigan- Target; Tux Shirt- Sean’s; Tights- We Love Colors; Shoes- Madewell

Dear Creatures seems to be able to amaze me more and more every time I have an experience with them. of course, I started by simply being obsessed with their designs, then I finally got a piece through Swirl. This time, my dream jacket. It could only get better if it was red. But I’m not complaining! And it goes with everything as it is.

I happened to get this jacket on sale. Dear Creatures was offering an amazing 30% off their entire site over Christmas, so I went ahead and used some gift cards (thanks Dad and Grandma and Grandpa!) to get this little honey. It’s not uber thick. But it is super warm! And fits just like I was hoping it would.



And I’m pretty much super stoked about this skirt that I made. I have been running around in it for two days non stop. Sean says that it looks like a 60’s airline stewardess. And you know what, I’m just fine with that.

As a celebration for our last day of vacation we went out to a fancy dinner at Septembers. It was yummy, and our last big splurge before our new year resolutions kick in full force.


Are you falling prey to the new year resolution?



Chaucee said...

You have such great style! How do you afford all these clothes? They're beautiful.

So far I haven't made any new years resolutions. I think they are a bit overrated and I make new goals for myself all throughout the year.

pepa said...

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Julia said...

That skirt looks great!