Sunday, January 09, 2011

Straight Up





Outfit Details: Jacket- thrifted; Shirt- Sean’s; Leggings, Shoes- Target

Along with my fascination with Dear Creatures clothing, I have also been really loving their styling for their F/W Look Book. It’s very masculine and pretty. But feminine at the same time.

And, I just got this jacket and have been dying to style it up!

IMG_4265-2  IMG_4273-2

I feel a little frumpy today. But clean hair always does that to me. When it’s short, cleaning it just make my hair poofy and out of control.

Also, Sean’s clothes have been getting some real play here lately. Have you noticed that too? I think that happens a lot. Boys clothes are never safe with a fashion blogger in the house.


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Thanks folks for all of your support! I really love getting comments from all of you, and knowing that I can inspire you in even the smallest way!



Chaucee said...

cute jacket!

Robyn said...

I wish that my boyfriend had good clothing to steal. He is all about khaki cargo shorts, and I just can't abide that. Oh well. At least you get to look fabulous.