Saturday, January 01, 2011




IMG_4148-2  IMG_4156-2

Outfit Details: Dress- Modcloth; Cardigan- Target; Tights, Shoes- Sears

This was my “What I want to wear on NYE” outfit. That means that, no, I did not wear this. For a multitude of reasons. The main being, that I didn’t think to use my brain and put on a cardigan yesterday when I was getting dressed to go out.

A small history: When I got this dress on sale at Modcloth, it was way too small. I couldn’t return it, and tried half-heartedly to sell it. I have been looking for a gold dress for ages, and love this one. I finally got around to altering it yesterday morning. Just to find out that it is still about an inch too small (the back pulls oddly). I went with another dress for this particular reason, only to be changed to another dress for another reason. When I got my thinking powers back this morning, I went ahead and wore the dress, with a cardigan like I should have all along.



The other reason for a dress change was the fact that our plans for the night entailed fireworks. I ended up in my go-to black dress that is not really poofy and therefore more fire safe. I did, to much my horror, singe a pair of my new We Love Colors tights. I sucked it up and didn’t cry. But I wanted to. The fireworks, I will say, were pretty much worth it though. They were like Disneyland quality! No joke! Tennessee holds nothing back when it comes to fire.


Welcome 2011! I hope this goes as well as 2010. Maybe a little better even.



Chaucee said...

Bryce - your style is stunning! I definitely need to get my act together and post some more style photos, ha.

I adore that yellow dress and I'm so sorry to hear about your We Love Colors tights! I really want to try out a pair and see how the quality is.

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

These colors look so pretty together! I'm totally diggin' your shoes as well. Hope you have a great 2011!

Josephine said...

i love how you matched yellow and red. fits perfectly! love your blog!

stop whispering

Kirstin Marie said...

I really adore this outfit. I love that second picture, it's so cute. I'm sorry about your tights getting singed!! That stinks. Fireworks are pretty awesome, though...

Kirstin Marie