Friday, August 06, 2010

New Friday

I have been feeling that ranting so close to the weekend isn’t good for anyone. So I have decided to change Are You Kidding Me!?! Fridays to Film Fridays. I will be mentioning one, or maybe more, film that either has caught my attention, or I just think needs to be mentioned.

For our first installment, I am going with something that I wouldn’t have thought to go with on the first go around. But after seeing The Kids Are Alright last night, it’s all I can think about.



Plot: A city is ravaged by an epidemic of instant "white blindness". Those first afflicted are quarantined by the authorities in an abandoned mental hospital where the newly created "society of the blind" quickly breaks down. Criminals and the physically powerful prey upon the weak, hording the meager food rations and committing horrific acts. There is however one eyewitness to the nightmare. A woman whose sight is unaffected by the plague follows her afflicted husband to quarantine. There, keeping her sight a secret, she guides seven strangers who have become, in essence, a family. She leads them out of quarantine and onto the ravaged streets of the city, which has seen all vestiges of civilization crumble.

I thought of this one not only because every time I see Julianne Moore do I think of this movie, but because her and Mark Ruffalo are both in The Kids Are Alright.

This movie is fantastic. Depressing all get out. But fantastic. It was recommended to me by a classmate a year or so ago who happened to have their Netflix copy on them and loaned it to me. I watched it Immediately and went into class the next day feeling terrible about the world’s inhabitants.

I know what your thinking. That a movie being described this way is not one that you want to spend your valuable time watching. But it is no worse than any horror movie. And it is shot and acted beautifully! It is a commentary on the state of the world’s, especially America’s, people. War, poverty, corruption. It is all that taken to the next level. How would anybody react when stricken by sudden plague?




If you feel like watching something serious, thought provoking, interesting, and beautiful, this is one for you.

Starring: Jullian Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Danny Glover, Gael Garcia Bernal


Long days and pleasant nights. Bryce!!!

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